Cole Creek Ridgeline 1243

Cole Creek Ridge Line 1243, Reg # 17622265

  • Dam’s production: 9 NR @ 103, 7 YR @ 98
  • Granddam’s production: 12 NR @ 100
  • Dam is one of the best Juanada 7 daughters ever at Cole Creek Angus Ranch.
  • We are very pleased with our first calves by Ridge Line. They are light birthweight, nice growth, and excellent conformation.
  • This is a bull that will do a lot of great things for us.
  • Purchased in the 2014 Cole Creek sale (retained interest) with Elston’s Lone Tree Angus Ranch, Spiritwood, ND.
  • Ridge Line is being used heavily by all three owners.

Categories: Herd Sires