I feel a registered breeder of any breed has the obligation to be tougher on his cowherd than the commercial man is. That way you can identify the cattle with true merit. I can’t use cattle that need to be propped up. I will not let our cowherd hide behind creep feeder, lick tubs, corn silage or the new feed-the-fat supplementation. I am continually amazed at how may Angus breeders brag about what a wonderful herd of cows they own and yet they punge as many high cost inputs into those cows as possible. I am very confused by breeders that say they don’t creep feed, but I notice that they do own creep feeders.

I have chosen to keep my management approach simple and stable from year to year, not adding more inputs to create the illusion of progress. The true job description of any beef cow is to consume roughage that is unusable for human consumption and turn it into edible protein – beef that is.

We like grass and hay cows and have had far better success with genetics from those kind of cow herds. Building a great cow herd is a not a sprint…it is a marathon.