Bulls Sold

I feel it is a more accurate reflection of our sale bulls to show them pictured as mature bulls.

We do not push our sale bulls to create over fat yearlings. The main reason that our bulls are not pushed harder with feed is because we want you to be able to use these bulls as long as possible Simply put the cattle that have the best longevity make you the most money.

Our bull calves are weaned on grass hay and Head Start 70. After 3 weeks we start adding in wheat mid pellets and gradually end the Head start 70 and blend in corn. December 15th we start feeding some alfalfa hay. The bulls are gradually moved up to 11 lbs. of grain which is 1/2 corn and 1/2 wheat mid pellets. They are fed alfalfa hay and grass hay free choice.

On this ration our group of bulls will average about 2.5 lbs. of gain per day from weaning to April 1st. I am very aware that gains of 2.5 pounds per day is not big news. I am not aiming for headlines or glory. I am aiming for bulls that are completely sound when they are 5 years old.

Thank you to our customers for taking such nice care of these bulls. It is my goal that you are able to use our bulls a minimum of 5 years. It has been very gratifying to see our bulls working very well at 6 and 7 years of age.